Current Events:

There has been major issues with adolescents or young adults who have been Juuling and vaping in schools and throughout their lives. The epidemic of vaping among young individuals comes from the lack of stigma and this notion that vaping is healthier compared to cigarettes. But vaping isn’t as healthy either as we have seen. The FDA threatened the company Juul to find a solution to under-aged vaping or they would ban fruit flavored e-liquids across the board. This would have effectively shut vape nation down. Juul in response no longer sells flavored Juul pods in stores but can only be found online and one needs to be 21 to buy the pods online and in store. This was a really good idea from Juul but according to a recent article from the Washington post. Cigarettes are finding themselves in the hands of young kids because they are all addicted to nicotine and they are not going to quit so easily. Especially, raising the age to buying Juul pods but not cigarettes make no sense. Even though inhaling vape juice is not good for you they are better than cigarettes. 

A conspiracy theory could be that Big tobacco funded Juul to become very popular for young adults and that when the FDA finally caught their eye on the Juul, they effectively made Juuls inaccessible to kids since they need to be 21 but got them all switching to cigarettes. It was an mastermind plan to bring back the declining numbers of cigarettes being sold to rise once again. One interesting question could be who paid or motivated the FDA to look into vapes and Juuls.