After reading about my story, I want to show you that so many other people have gone through similar paths with the same conclusions about nicotine. That they want to quit. It’s all fun and games at first for a while and that time period can be different for everyone but at one point. We want to be done with nicotine because it for our health and not being addicted to a substance. 

I asked 4 different questions to 8 different individuals at Oxford who all vape on a regular. 

When and Why did you start Nicotine ?

Do you enjoy nicotine or vaping ? and Why ?

Do you feel addicted to nicotine ? 

Do you ever want to quit nicotine ? 

All ten responses have been recorded and you can read them in the subsections of this section but I want to talk about the overall trends that I have found while conducting the quick interviews.  Most people started in high school because either they new people who smoked and wanted to try it or just found ways to smoke and vape because they thought it was cool.  Most of them like the effects of the”head rush” or “buzz” from the nicotine and the calming distressing feelings of the vape gives them at Oxford. All of them agreed that they are addicted to a certain degree because even when they stop they want to hit the vape (cravings) and or just don’t want to stop. All of them also agreed that they want to stop and quit at a certain point in there lives. Maybe not right now but they want to either way.