My journey

This section is about my personal experience with the drug and vaping. I am not very proud but its a story I want to tell because maybe you will be discouraged to want to try it. It is an addiction that I chose to put on myself and wish I never did. 

I have been vaping during parts of my life for the past 3 years. My device of choice was the Juul. It was portable and gave me the buzz almost all the time when I first bought the device. The nicotine was so strong at first that after one or two hits I would have to lay down and wait till it came down. I started when I was 17 at the beginning of senior year of high school. Everyone at my school smoked cigarettes but I have always been firmly against cigarettes but I still tried it. I didn’t enjoy it because I knew what I was hitting so I got a Juul. I wanted to fit in and be cool like everyone else. It was a safer alternative than continuing cigarettes and I enjoyed the buzz a lot at first and still do on the occasion. I never saw it as a problem because I was always able to stop for long periods of times like during the summer or vacations and never had any withdrawals from the nicotine. I never really felt addicted to the vape. 

When I got to oxford college, I increased my juuling habits a lot. I was hitting the juul constantly all day and I started to not feel the effects of the head rush all the time. This put me on a track of trying stronger juices in bigger vapes or even resorting to stronger tobacco on the occasion. Even after all that I never felt addicted because when I went home for vacation, I would take it as a time to take a break. I would complete the time feeling fine and not hitting it off of my friends vape. I never had a single withdrawal symptom and would go back onto the vape when I got back to Oxford just because I wanted to. 

However for the first time in October, I had my first withdrawal symptoms with the worst headaches and I felt very irritable. It would last me two days and then I would get cravings. It was so weird and uncomfortable having this because through out my experiences I never had these symptoms when quitting from time to time. It awoke me in realizing that I could have a “slight” addiction to nicotine. Also taking this class of drugs and behavior, I was really impacted about the health problems with nicotine and wanting to quit. I have very much minimized my intake, I do not own my own device and I can go days without hitting it. I still do it on the occasion of just how bored I am at oxford and I do like the buzz on occasion. But I do want to quit soon and in the near future.