Interviews 5 – 8

Individual 5:

When: 8th grade in France and got someone to buy cigarettes for me. I also bought a 0% nicotine vape for tricks
Why: I wanted to try it

Do you enjoy nicotine and why ?
Sometimes for the head rush and the relaxed sleepy effect. Makes me stressed more now, the enjoyment level went down.

Do you feel addicted ?
Yes I just want pods

Do you want to quit ?
Yes, after college

Individual 6:

When: freshman year at college and I started with a 0% nicotine vape.  
Why: fun and social but became for stress

Do you enjoy vaping ?
Not anymore and it takes so much more to feel it

Do you feel addicted?

Yes, very  

Do you want to quit ?
Yes after college

Individual 7: 

When: A year ago during fall 2017
Why: I thought it was cool

Do you enjoy nicotine ?
Yea for the most part because it makes me more mellow, calms me down and is a good stress reliever.

Do you consider yourself addicted ?
Yea I guess
Effect that I enjoy and the satisfaction of the oral fixation

Do you want to Quit ?
Yea and when 2 weeks

Individual 8:

When: a year ago 2017 fall
Why: curiosity 

Do you enjoy nicotine and why ? 
Yes because it’s good at Stress relieving. 

Do you consider yourself addicted ?

Yes in 2 day