Interviews 1 – 4

Individual 1:
When did you start vaping ? At oxford
Why: very social

Do you like vaping / nicotine ?

Yes It’s fun blowing clouds and tricks and I like the hand to mouth motion while I just chill with friends.

Do you feel addicted ?
Not crazy addicted but I want to hit it in social settings

Do you want to quit?
Definitely after college
I want to take a break during summer

Individual 2:
When and Why did you start ? End of High school / beginning college and I hit it because all my friends hit it.

Do you like vaping and nicotine ?

I did at first but I have had bad experiences being nicotine sick and it’s really motivated me to stop. I also don’t like the idea of smoking synthetic juice. 

Do you feel addicted
No, I prefer weed and I don’t own a device

I quit 4 days ago and I am going strong !

Individual 3:

When: when they first came out and Juul’s gave the first head rushes compared to other vapes
Why: cool thing to do with a group of friends

Do you enjoy it ?

I like the aspect of vaping as a distresser and I like the social component in a group environment.

Do you feel addicted to vaping ?
More addicted to the act of smoking more than nicotine.
Do you want to quit ?
Yes in the near future because I recognized how bad it is for my health

Individual 4: 

When: age of 16
Why: my buddy from high school would offer it on the way to but it was 0 percent nicotine.
Once I was 18, I bought my own and had cigarettes before so already like nicotine. It also made me feel cool

Do you feel addicted and do you enjoy vaping ?
Very addicted and yes I do like it a lot
Feeling of smoking and the act of smoking
More addicted to the feeling of sucking than nicotine, weed smoking before

Ever yes but not in the near future
Don’t feel the need to stop.