Welcome to Dont-Start.com, I am here to save your LIFE !!

Welcome to F**KVapeNation, this website is here to explain to you the dangers of smoking cigarettes and vapes such as Modes, Suorins, Juuls, and any other device of choice for nicotine. I want to explain to you how nicotine affects the body and the brain and how you are going to start a possible life long addiction that you honestly don’t need in your life. Vaping or smoking in general is a costly habit on your pocket and on your life. Vaping is a relatively new thing that was meant to help smokers quit cigarette. Not another mean of use of nicotine that high-  schoolers and teenagers have been doing. We are a generational experiment and we are paying to be apart of it. Vaping is not cool because I have fallen victim to trying it and wish that I honestly never did. But if you are already on the vape train, hopefully this site helps you motivate yourself to want to quit or to not start at all ! Read through and just think about it.